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20160926 coyote

a74a4738-v1coyote / Pt Reyes National Seashore CA

20160820 harrier on raven

Interesting interaction between a Northern Harrier, Raven and Turkey Vulture (not pictured) – the Harrier seemed to be highly agitated by the other birds. I would expect this perhaps around fledge time, but it seems late in the season – is this play? Competition? Just a pissed off bird?

A74A4471 v1Raven  and Norther Harrier (female) / Point Reyes National Seashore

A74A4473 v1Raven  and Norther Harrier (female) / Point Reyes National Seashore

I’ve never seen a Harrier so aggressive towards other birds.

20160612 passing the buck

Black-tailed Mule Deer / Point Reyes National Seashore

Spending moments with this incredible animal was sublime – he is in the prime of his life, overflowing with strength and vitality. His coat glows with a luster of brilliance, his eyes are dark and bright; a wet nose constrasts the softness of the fur around his snout, and those antlers – oh, those antlers. Fuzzy and stout, with many branches, each of which speaks to the stories of his years. He walks with confidence, grace, and strength.

Thank you Deer.

2014 nov 08 – coyote

IMG_9994 v1

2014 Oct 26 bobcat track in sand

IMG_2334 v1-2


IMG_2324 v2north american river Otter


IMG_2323 v1-2western Coyote


IMG_2329 v1-2Bobcat

raven play

Oh to be a raven, even for a moment. Flying, playing, floating, diving, and somersaulting in the air, seeming to defy gravity – or at least be in a satisfying truce with it.

Yesterday they were playing on the updrafts in the strong off-shore winds over the hills by the dunes at Point Reyes National Seashore, and it’s almost as fun to watch as I imagine it is to do. One raven had some sort of stick or bone in its beak, and was teasing and playing “keep away” from the others for a long time. The games and players change and evolve, sometimes it’s just two ravens, sometimes as many as 12 got in on the fun.

IMG_9853 v1IMG_9856 v1-2IMG_9854 v1IMG_9886 v1-2IMG_9884 v1-4

Mrs Robert Katz

She’s back in her old stomping grounds …

IMG_2331 v1-2

This bobcat, possibly Mrs Robert Katz (nickname by Mark P.), made a long trail along the lagoons last night – we were able to trail her for a long way. This is a beautiful shot of tracks from all four feet while she was in an over-step walk.

what did the young bull elk say to the two ravens?

“yeah, you know, it’s been really hard – I feel like I’m in such a rut.”

(wildlife humor, yeah!)

IMG_9641 v2

 2 ravens and a young bull Tule elk / Pt Reyes National Seashore CA

IMG_9632 v1

It’s that time of year – this bull Tule elk has his harem / Pt Reyes National Seashore CA

winter migrants have arrived

IMG_9596 juvenile ferruginous hawkjuvenile ferruginous hawk, point reyes national seashore

IMG_9592 juvenile ferruginous hawkjuvenile ferruginous hawk, point reyes national seashore

IMG_9588 tres otters and great egretgreat egret and three river otters / point reyes national seashore

IMG_9601 adult female northern harrieradult female northern harrier / point reyes national seashore

IMG_9607 bobcata flushed bobcat on the run / point reyes national seashore