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20160922 backyard boyds

a74a4498-v1-2crow bros

a74a4510-v1bushtit (yes, that’s it’s name) – one of my favorites, and not just because of their name; when these tiny little birds come through in their flocks, it always brings a smile to my face

a74a4519-v1red-breasted nuthatch

a74a4524-v1-3anna’s hummingbird

a74a4526-v1western scrub jay

a74a4537-v1bewick’s wren singing!



some of these birds are molting, so they are looking a little ragged – but still beautiful

20160916 sunset and full moon rise

Epic evening of no winds and clear skies (rare this summer here!)

The sun set almost directly behind Mt Tamalpais from this vantage, and the full moon rose exactly in between the two peaks of Mt Diablo to the East.



2016 Sept 20 – butters n blues

a74a4702-v1California Sister * Adelpha californica

Briones Regional Park * Contra Costa County CA



juvenile Western Bluebirds * Sialia mexicana

These four flew into the tree above me and huddled together in the shade, taking refuge from the hot afternoon sun together. It was pretty adorable.

20160624 juvenile peregrine falcon

A74A3354 v1juvenile Peregrine Falcon / Alameda County CA

20160624 raven

A74A3379 v1Common Raven / CA

20160729 squirrels of tahoe

Many small ground-dwelling squirrels in Tahoe – California Ground Squirrel, Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, and a number of species of Chipmunk.

A74A4075 v1California Ground Squirrel pausing with snack on wrist / Lake Tahoe, CA

A74A4079 v1The Chipmunk-sized Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel / Lake Tahoe, CA

20160820 harrier on raven

Interesting interaction between a Northern Harrier, Raven and Turkey Vulture (not pictured) – the Harrier seemed to be highly agitated by the other birds. I would expect this perhaps around fledge time, but it seems late in the season – is this play? Competition? Just a pissed off bird?

A74A4471 v1RavenĀ  and Norther Harrier (female) / Point Reyes National Seashore

A74A4473 v1RavenĀ  and Norther Harrier (female) / Point Reyes National Seashore

I’ve never seen a Harrier so aggressive towards other birds.

20160629 osprey

A74A3741 v1osprey with de-brained striped bass / Richmond, CA

Because it’s just rude to give your mate a fish with it’s brains still intact. Or is that like eating a slice of pizza from the box on the way home from your favortite spot that you just got take-out from? Or perhaps is this a zombie osprey? Inspiration for a new spin-off from the Walking Dead – The Flying Dead (Osprey)?

Time will tell.

20160814 gulls

A74A4404 v1-3

A74A4393 v1-2 v1

20160820 snake

A74A4452 v1-2red-sided garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis) / Pt Reyes National Seashore

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