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2015 Nov 04 – bobcats, hauntings and happy Samhain

It was a tough day for our track and sign study, due to very high winds on the coasts of Mendocino and Sonoma counties that scoured the pages of our sand clear – but luckily the animals seemed to accommodate us by showing themselves in person.

IMG_1499 v1BOBCAT / Sonoma County CA

IMG_1500 v1bobcat / Lynx rufus

This Bobcat showed itself just outside the “Mirkwood of Sonoma County” – seriously, best analogy I can provide for this area. I can’t even begin to describe in words the experience that I had last night, nearby to where this photo was taken, at what turned out to be a “haunted” house that I stayed in, unintentionally. Very, very, strange happenings. Yes, I wrote “haunted house.”

20151103_164121Enter ye who dare … into Sonoma County’s “Mirkwood”!!!!!

It was extremely weird and uncomfortable. But perfect for the season, I suppose.

Happy Samhain and Halloween to all, this is the week of the celebration of the coming of the dark time of year, when the days are short and the nights are long … and when the veil between the living and the dead is slight! November 7th is officially the “cross-quarter” day, equi-distant between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice – though it is officially celebrated on Nov 1st.

IMG_1505 v1bobcat / Lynx rufus

IMG_1512 v1bobcat / Lynx rufus

Beautiful animal!

2014 Oct 26 bobcat track in sand

IMG_2334 v1-2


IMG_2324 v2north american river Otter


IMG_2323 v1-2western Coyote


IMG_2329 v1-2Bobcat

Mrs Robert Katz

She’s back in her old stomping grounds …

IMG_2331 v1-2

This bobcat, possibly Mrs Robert Katz (nickname by Mark P.), made a long trail along the lagoons last night – we were able to trail her for a long way. This is a beautiful shot of tracks from all four feet while she was in an over-step walk.

winter migrants have arrived

IMG_9596 juvenile ferruginous hawkjuvenile ferruginous hawk, point reyes national seashore

IMG_9592 juvenile ferruginous hawkjuvenile ferruginous hawk, point reyes national seashore

IMG_9588 tres otters and great egretgreat egret and three river otters / point reyes national seashore

IMG_9601 adult female northern harrieradult female northern harrier / point reyes national seashore

IMG_9607 bobcata flushed bobcat on the run / point reyes national seashore