adventures in nature

kites and owls and owls and …

golden gate bridge and fennel, view from East Bay / Berkeley

though the early-rising barn owl has been an amazing site, this place in the East Bay has a lot going on BEFORE sunset as well …

burrowing owl East Bay Berkeley CA

there are some burrowing owls that take up winter residence here in the East Bay, and the white-tailed kites also seem to love all the insects, gophers, ground squirrels, and voles that this landscape supports to feed the array of aerial predators.

white-tailed kites

white-tailed kite #2 white-tailed kite #3

this place has a lot of marshland and aquatic bird life, the great blue heron makes a good living here as well.

great blue heron

great blue heron

Not a bad spot to be. Whatever fur, hair, scales or feathers you wear.

white-tailed kite and sunset by golden gate bridge

A few more shots of the barn owl that has been getting up “early,” here seen flying with the last bits of sunlight on the bay in the background.

barn owl over East Bay

barn owl over East Bay 2

barn owl over East Bay 3


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