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2015 Nov 04 – red crossbills

a flock of red crossbills made an appearance on the southern border of Mendocino County in CA on this day – interesting to see the way the flock moved, very distinctive.

colors – amazing.

a rare visitor here …

IMG_1408 v1-2

females are yellow and the males are red – the flock was composed of about 30 birds, slightly more males than females.

IMG_1415 v1

2015 Nov 04 – ferruginous hawks have arrived!

These pictures are dedicated to LB and West County Hawk Watch – much love and respect for your passion, dedication, mentoring, generosity, trust and expertise. One of the first FEHA’s that I ever saw was with Larry, and to this day, every time I see one, I think of you my friend.

These birds have arrived to take up residence for the winter from their summer breeding grounds in the plains, and I am always excited to see them – largest of our native hawks.

IMG_1470 v1juvenile Ferruginous Hawk(s) / Mendocino County CA

IMG_1466 v1

IMG_1447 v1