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night owl

barn owl and golden gate bridge

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to see amazing things. Actually, you never do. It’s just a matter of LOOKING. As it has been here in the East Bay, just minutes from where I stay. I feel very fortunate to witness it.

barn owl by berkeley east bay

I love to wander at sunset. I watch the jays and crows and ravens post up high on tree branches to watch the sun go down – as they seem to do any night that the sun is out – and I do the same as often as I can. I bask in that last light of day, that light that seems to bath the body and spirit in a rejuvenating and relaxing wash. It makes everything seem ok. My eyes feel strained as the light and color drain away from the landscape, but my hearing and skin sensitivity grow tenfold as they expand into the night to replace it. It’s electric. It’s the time of sound and feeling. Trees that I didn’t particularly notice before suddenly glow with a light that seems to come from within. The night air quickly turns cold.

It’s the time of the owls.

barn owl east bay berkeley

As I understand it, barn owls don’t typically wake up and fly out until well after dark. Lately though, this particular barn owl has been coming out in this warm Bay area weather just after sunset, allowing me to get some photographs and share a few moments of the hunt. It’s something you never forget. The owl soundlessly brushes over the landscape like a gently held paint brush – sometimes fluttering, sometimes gliding – then dropping down onto its unsuspecting prey.

barn owl on the hunt barn owl on the hunt 2 barn owl on the hunt 3