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baby raccoon

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¬†dusk at Mount Diablo State Park – i walked up on a mom and this baby Raccoon having some black berries for breakfast. this one was tiny! they were on top of the bramble, and first I saw mom until she quietly made an exit – then this little one popped up and was about to eat some black berries until he saw me – we stared into each other’s eyes from about 10 feet for about 10 seconds at my eye level, then he silently disappeared down a willow branch into the thicket.


Earlier this week we saw a little beak protruding up from the Anna’s hummingbird nest that¬†I shared a couple of weeks ago …

Anna's hummingbird nest and hatchling

Anna’s hummingbird nest and hatchling

This lone hatchling seems strong and is getting big quickly – they only stay in the nest for 20 days!

feeding time / Anna's hummingbirds

feeding time / Anna’s hummingbirds

anna’s hummingbird nest

The egg was laid in the end of January, and just last weekend the baby hatched … pictures of the wee one coming soon. It is doing well, it seems strong but still is just a very tiny being with closed eyes in a comfy looking nest with lots of fluffy grey feathers lining its world. I wish I had a human-sized hummingbird nest to lounge in, it looks so nice.

annas hummingbird on nest

annas hummingbird on nest

annas hummingbird nest and egg

annas hummingbird nest and egg