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Keep Sonoma County beaches free to all

The CA Coastal Commision is proposing new fees for access to many points along the Sonoma County coast. There are other ways to finance these incredibly beautiful areas, areas that should be accessible by all regardless of income level. Help keep beach access free! Passage of this could set a precedent that will have potentially negative effects now and in the future to how the public accesses public land.

Sign the petition

Check out the website

Attend the CA Coastal Commision meeting in Santa Rosa this Wednesday April 13th

Check out the facebook page

Thanks for checking this out, I don’t often write about political matters directly on this blog, but this is an important local matter for which you can have a voice!

One response

  1. Good work Zach.

    Did you hear that Ginger and Larry both passed their certification, not without plenty of soap opera in the rain? js

    April 11, 2016 at 4:36 pm

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