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pine marten

While backpacking in Lassen National Park, we came upon this lady/fella along a lake. Initially I just saw something glowing along the lake and thought it was a person with a very dim led headlamp on. Then the glow disappeared and re-appeared about 5 feet away from where I saw it last – and being focused on it, I could see it was two small glowing blue eyes!!!! It continued to go ahead of us for a series of two or three starts and stops, then while I was paused in the trail, it hopped up on the trail and came towards me! We had a few moments of just staring at each other – it seemed as curious about us as we were about it. After it approached us on the trail, it climbed a nearby tree to give us a thorough inspection from a safer vantage. So awesome!!!

american pine marten / Lassen Nat Park CA

american pine marten / Lassen Nat Park CA

About 100m down the trail after our encounter, I found what is likely fresh pine marten scat.

pine marten scat

pine marten scat

Quite an encounter, so amazing to get to see this creature up close and to have such a personal interaction with it. I love the weasels!!

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  1. NO. FREAKIN. WAY. That’s off the hook Zach. Congrats on the spotting.

    August 3, 2014 at 3:32 am

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