adventures in nature

falcons on the loose

The three fledglings from the nest north of San Francisco were raising hell this past weekend, playing in the sky and going after each other and basically anything that moved in the air. First I heard them, then found them initially pestering a white-tailed kite – soon after they were after a turkey vulture. It was a foggy and overcast day with terrible light for good photographs, but I was thrilled when the birds posed right above me …

IMG_1739 raw edit 1 v1

It’s amazing to see just how big the falcon is in comparison – I’m guessing it is one of the juvenile females. For anyone concerned, the turkey vulture escaped with just some ruffled feathers.

IMG_1740 raw edit 1 v1

IMG_1735 raw edit v1

IMG_1736 raw edit v1

It was such a fun time to see them frolicking in the sky and playing – what a life!

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