adventures in nature

diamonds on the coast

Sunday was a foggy day on the coast, a nice respite after an extremely hot Saturday. The winds were still and a mist hung in the air, enough to cover the ground and prompt me activate my windshield wipers as I drove on my little escape. Every plant seemed to be taking a huge breath in with this welcome moisture, and there was a glow coming from the landscape as I wandered the coast line – me taking my own big breaths and letting the salty ocean air take away the thoughts and cares that I didn’t need to carry at that moment.

The lupine put on a show, with diamond-like beads of water decorating each leaf as if set there by some sort of earth spirit jeweler.

bejeweled lupine 1

bejeweled lupine 1

IMG_0128 v2

IMG_0124 v1

IMG_0133 v1

bejeweled lupine 2

bejeweled lupine 2

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