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king’s canyon np and sentinel 77

It has been said that John Muir enjoyed King’s Canyon above Yosemite, and I can understand why. And he felt that way even BEFORE all the humans swarm into Yosemite every summer.

I’m convinced.

King's Canyon NP - view to the East on Kings Canyon Scenic Byway

You’d think I took that shot from an airplane (except of course for my shadow!), amazingly we weren’t even up at the highest point. The road is a bit harrowing.

One of the best experiences was at night, right by Sentinel campground near Cedar Grove, after midnight on the night after a full moon. A large dead Jeffrey Pine stood encircled by cedars, black oaks, doug firs, and other trees – but still reigned supreme in the moonlight. It was like walking in a dream.

sentinel 77

sentinel 77

Roaring River Falls was spectacular, especially the emerald pools of water that sat below – they held many gifts.

We also managed to see the grove of giant sequoia trees called Grant Grove, home to one of the largest trees and living things on Earth – named the General Grant Tree. Time seems to slow down when walking under these giants, and you can’t help but feel transported back in time – fully expecting to see a dinosaur lurch out from behind one of these incomprehensibly large trees. Pictures can’t capture their enormity.

One last shot of sentinel 77:

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